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Winter Skills Training in Glencoe & Aviemore

Navigating the Frozen Wilds: Winter Skills Training in Glencoe & Aviemore

Looking to spend time in the mountains this winter? It’s a breathtaking experience you can’t get anywhere else, but there’s no denying the winter mountains demand respect.

This guide is your launchpad to winter skills training – the courses you’ll need to stay safe and secure on the mountains. We’ll equip you with the knowledge (and confidence!) to conquer those snowy summits.

Let’s get into it.

Why Choose Winter Skills Training?

You know that feeling when the Scottish Highlands are shrouded in snow? It’s not just breathtaking, it’s a call to adventure. Glencoe, Ben Nevis… they become wild, irresistible. But listen, those mountains demand respect. 

Blue skies can turn to blizzards in a heartbeat. Hidden dangers lurk beneath the prettiest slopes. That familiar summer trail? It’s vanished under a foot of snow.

The thrill of winter hiking is real, but you’ve got to be smart to stay safe, and that’s where winter skills training comes in. This isn’t about killing the fun – it’s about making it epic. We’ll teach you to read the weather, spot avalanche risks, and move confidently on steep icy terrain.

Think about it: Imagine standing on that snowy summit, knowing you’re there because you’ve got the skills, not just luck. That’s the freedom we’re talking about. 

Knowing you can handle whatever the mountains throw at you, that’s when winter adventures go from amazing to unforgettable. 

That’s why winter skills training is a game-changer.

What Do Winter Skills Courses Teach You?

Ready to unleash your inner winter mountaineer? We’ve got the courses to get you there, right in the heart of the snowy Scottish Highlands. 

Whether you want a quick 2-day skills crash course or a full-on 4-day deep dive, we’ve got you covered. And get this – prices start at just £190, and we even provide all the technical gear like crampons, ice axes and helmets.

Here’s a quick taste:

  • 2-Day Winter Skills: This is your kickstart to winter adventure. We’ll teach you the essentials: using crampons and an ice axe, how to stop a fall, what to do in an emergency, plus you’ll get right out there on a Munro to practise and see those skills in action!
  • 4-Day Skills and Summits: Serious about winter mountaineering? This is where it gets awesome. You’ll learn it all – avalanche danger signs and how to avoid them, building emergency shelters, navigating in a whiteout…and the coolest part? You finish by planning and leading your own summit day, with us right there to make sure you’re applying your skills safely.

The key thing is that this isn’t classroom learning. You’ll be out there in those mountains, getting hands-on experience. 

By the end, you won’t just know the skills; you’ll feel like a whole new adventurer, ready to take on those stunning snowy peaks with confidence. Whether you’re going solo or bringing a group, we’re here to make it happen.


The Scottish Highlands in winter… they’re like nowhere else on Earth. That crisp air, the silence, the feeling that you’re exploring a whole new world. But let’s be real; going from dreaming about those snowy summits to actually standing on them takes more than just a good pair of boots. 

That’s why we do what we do at Highland Ascents.

Think of our courses as your backstage pass to that winter wonderland. We’ll teach you all those skills that unlock the adventure – reading the weather, navigating, staying safe, and feeling unstoppable with your ice axe skills. It’s about turning “I wish I could do that” into “I did that!”

Ready to make it happen? 

Check out our website – we’ve got the courses, we’ve got the expert instructors, and we’ve got the passion to help you conquer those snowy mountains with confidence. 

This winter, the adventure starts here.

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