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Winter Navigation & Avalanche Awareness Course

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Learn how to stay safe & enjoy the winter

Options: 2-day private courses
How much: From £245pp (based on 2 people)
Where: Glencoe, Fort William & Aviemore/Cairngorms
When: On a date that suits you
For who: Winter hillwalkers, climbers and mountaineers.

We will teach you how to navigate in the winter mountain environment. You will learn how to choose a safe route through potential avalanche zones and how to continually assess and adapt to changing conditions and risks.

On our courses you will find out how to find your way off the mountain in a complete whiteout and how to avoid hazards such as unstable slopes, corniced edges and terrain traps. You’ll also learn how to use historical weather information, current weather conditions and observations on the ground to check that your proposed route is still the safest.

Learn the following and more:

  • How to use the Be Avalanche Aware process to plan a safe route through potential avalanche terrain
  • How to navigate when the majority of features are buried in snow
  • How to navigate in whiteout conditions and in the dark
  • How to identify changes in avalanche risk level whilst on the hill and how to then amend your route to stay safe
  • What to do when you have an emergency on the hill in winter and how to last through the night as a last resort

Well developed mountain skills are key to enjoying the mountains in a safe, responsible and enjoyable manner. We offer more than just your average navigation course. Having the skills and ability to deal with inclement weather, poor visibility, the need to relocate, navigate in the dark, move safely on steep ground and deal with an emergency high on the hill are skills that we believe every walker and climber should have. On our courses we look at all of these skills and more.


Dates and prices: are shown in the table below.

We run private courses so please let us know when you would like yours to run and we will do our best to fit in with your availability. If you are on your own then please let us know as we may be able to match you up with other like-minded clients.

Private coursePrice per person
- 2-day private course
Private course1 or 2 people - £490 shared

Add extra people for £150pp


Click here to make a booking or to find out more. You can also contact us by telephone on 07702 942980.


20150303 P3030247 608x456 Navigation & Avalanche Awareness

Can you navigate in these conditions?

Accommodation & transport: You will need to source your own accommodation & transport to the meet point each morning. The meet point will vary depending on conditions on the mountain and the ambitions/skill level of your group. For courses in the west, consider accommodation in the Ballachulish/Glencoe areas. For those in the east, Aviemore works well.

Ages and abilities: The winter environment can be extremely challenging, so this course is for adults only and for those who already have experience of long days hill walking in the high mountains of the UK. Fitness is important as days are long, approaches generally tough and packs heavy.

Group sizes and ratios: Our instructor to client ratio never exceeds 1:6

Kit: We will share a kit list with you when you book, but you will need warm and waterproof clothing, crampon compatible boots and crampons. You will also need a walking/alpine axe. Boots, crampons & ice axes are available to hire at a competitive rate. We can offer advice on all kit when you book.

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