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Multi-pitch climbing course

Are you a single-pitch climber who is ready for the adventure of long multi-pitch mountain routes? You’ll no doubt have the base skillset but multi-pitch climbing is a different ballgame, with complex route finding, tricky stance management issues and potentially difficult descents to deal with.

Our multi-pitch climbing course will teach you the skills that you need to head onto the big routes in the high mountains safely and efficiently.

We believe strongly in tailored and bespoke courses for you as a climber, so that we can focus 100% on your ambitions, rapidly develop your skills and accelerate your climbing career. As well as heading out and doing loads and loads of climbing, an idea of the areas that we’d cover at this level of course follows, but in reality we’d cover loads more!

  • What gear to take on a multi-pitch route – choosing an appropriate rack
  • Guidebook interpretation and route finding in complex terrain
  • Strategy: how to break down your route – when to ‘run it out’ and when to keep pitches short
  • How to become more efficient and climb your route more quickly
  • Building multi-pitch belays with anchors that are in reach and out of reach, or both
  • Stance management: dealing with rope-faff on small stances – no more tangles and twists!
  • Managing hanging belays
  • Communication with your partner on multi-pitch climbs
  • Descending safely – multi-pitch abseiling skills
  • Dealing with basic rescues

Our 2 day multi-pitch climbing course will cover as much as time allows and will give you a great introduction to the skills needed to operate efficiently on mountain crags. 4 days gives us loads of scope for moving you on significantly as a climber. You’ll also get 4 days of amazing climbing on some really awe-inspiring mountain routes.

In addition, we also offer a variety of other rock climbing courses, these are:


Price and dates: Prices are in the table below. We run private courses at a time that suits you. If you are on your own and don’t want a 1:1 course, let us know and we’ll do our best to hook you up with other likeminded people.

CoursePrice per person
2-day course

1 person (1:1)

2 people (1:2)


4-day course

1 person (1:1)

2 people (1:2)