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Self rescue for climbers course

Do you have the skills and knowledge to get you and your climbing partner out of trouble should the worst happen whilst out climbing? Do you know how to escape the system and get to your partner quickly and safely because they have injured themselves badly on a route? Above all, don’t get caught out by thinking “it will probably never happen to me”.

We believe that self rescue skills are certainly as important to climbers as learning how to place protection, do a layback or belay safely. Although we have an excellent Mountain Rescue service in this country, you can’t rely on being able to contact them from remote mountain crags. The chances are that you will definitely have to wait a while until they arrive… by which time it could be too late.

Join us on a 2 day self rescue for climbers course where our professional instructors will teach you how to get yourselves out of all manner of trouble, from the simple to the complicated. We’ll quickly develop your skills in the following areas and more:

Simple problems:

  • Dealing with a knotted rope, half way up your pitch
  • Undoing stuck screwgates
  • Sorting things out when your second climbs past a runner

‘Not-so-simple’ problems:

  • Escaping the system
  • Rigging quick and effective hoist systems
  • Ascending and descending ropes safely (prusiking)
  • Abseiling past a knot
  • Lowering a partner past a knot
  • Hoisting past a knot

Complex problems:

  • Abseiling down the crag with an injured climber
  • Multi-pitch abseils with an injured climber
  • Counter-balanced abseils with injured climbers
  • Rescues on traverses
  • Accessing and rescuing an unconcious second
  • Rescuing an unconscious leader

Finally, we also offer a variety of other rock climbing courses, these are:


Price and dates: Prices are in the table below. We run private courses at a time that suits you. If you are on your own and don’t want a 1:1 course, let us know and we’ll do our best to hook you up with other likeminded people.

CoursePrice per person
2-day course

1 person (1:1)

2 people (1:2)


4-day course

1 person (1:1)

2 people (1:2)



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